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TYRI 1010-XENON-24V ballast in


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The 1010 Integrated Ballast HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights provide significantly more light (lumens per watt-Luminous Flux).  The 1010 Integrated Ballast HID provides light of daylight quality with a luminous flux of 3,250 lumens (equal to 4 standard 55W halogen lights).  HID bulbs have approximately 10 times the burn life of halogen bulbs.  When replacing halogen lights with HID lights, most applications will require fewer HID lights.  This decreases the total power consumption (amp/Current draw) dedicated to lighting.  Computer designed optics deliver a wide and soft light, which minimizes shadows and reflections.  The 1010 Integrated Ballast HID is designed to operate in high vibration off-road applications - ex. agricultural, construction, mining, forestry equipment, general purpose lighting, etc.



  • 35W Xenon D1S


  • 12V or 24V


  • Fully integrated into housing


  • Asymmetric, symmetric, high beam 
  • Custom lens can be developed


  • Nylon 6, vibration dampened

Mounting Options

  • Bracket heights: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm 
  • Mounting bolts: M8, M10 or M12 
  • Standing, hanging, side mount 
  • Mounting Orientation: maximum + 15° off 
    horizontal to attain good bulb life
  • Connector: built-in-Deutsch DT04-2P 
  • All hardware has corrosion resistant coating


Light Patterns
Asymmetrical Symmetrical

DMK lights are available with dampened or undampened brackets in three different heights; 25mm, 30mm or 40mm. Dampened brackets are recommended for off-road uses or in environments where the light may be subjected to excessive vibration. Brackets are also available in three mounting bolt sizes; M8, M10 or M12. Please call our knowledgeable support staff at 715-344-8600 to discuss your specific needs.

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